Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random robots and planes

Robots and planes concepts nuff said!

Random character design

A punk/world war 2 theme character. His name is mauser, named after his sidearm.

kid with knife

Just something i did during x'mas 2010.

Darkground ingame map concepts

Some ingame map concepts.

Darkground environment concepts

Human city design for Darkground. Concept of a city built into a mountain.

Darkground character concepts 2

More character concepts.

Darkground character concepts

Early character concepts for a pc game call Darkground.

Twisted Fairytale Character Concept version 2

Slightly more realistic designs, losing the cartoony look.

Twisted Fairytale Structure Concept

Some structure designs in the game based on shoes. Barracks to spawn creeps, defence tower and your citadel.

Twisted Fairytale Character Concept version 1

This was for a pc game title based on twisted fairytale characters. Sadly, this game was scraped during the conceptual phase.

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